How It Works

Before placing an order, make sure you are in the delivery zone. All orders that are placed out of the delivery zone will be refunded 95% of their order to cover transactions fee's. 

All juices are made the morning of delivery.

The juices are ideally consumed within 3 - 4 days to get all the nutritional benefits and also for the best flavour.

$20 order minimum 

Orders that are placed before 5pm are generally delivered the next day. 

Delivery Window: Monday - Friday
Before Noon.

You will receive a text when your delivery is on the way.

The more information on your order about delivery the better. Apartment number, the door bell doesn't work text me, leave with doorman etc. Thank you.

Bottle return: If you have bottles from previous orders, cash them in on your next order. At the check out, type in how many bottles you are returning E.G.  "1bottle" or "2bottle" or "3bottle" right up to 12bottle are the codes for your discount.